Barry Cawston

Master of Colour

We have been working with Barry Cawston since 2008 and over the years he has become a great colleague, friend and member of the Capital Culture Gallery family. We are big fans of his cool contemporary photography and always look forward to seeing what he does next. He is a master of colour and composition, finding the unusual and striking in the mundane and seeing beautiful pattern and texture in the most unlikely of places.  He says that he spots many of his pieces out of the corner of his eye, almost as an accident.  From New York to Weston-Super-Mare, Singapore to Cuba he finds subjects and colorscapes that will draw you in and let you create your own story.


Cawston has won numerous awards and competitions including in the British Open Art awards, the Exeter Contemporary Open, the Chairman’s Choice Award at the RWA Photographic Open and the prestigious South West Art Prize. His piece the “Tibetan Cowboy” was a star feature of BBC2’s Show Me The Monet. He was the lead photographer for English Heritage for many years.  More recently he was the photographer of choice for Banksy’s Dismaland, this work was exhibited in museums across Europe.  In recognition of his contributions and outstanding work in 2023 he was invited to become an Academician of the RWA – a huge and entirely justified achievement. Well done Barry!

Click here to see all of Barry’s work.

The Tibetan Cowboy

1 – Where is the most beautiful place you’ve travelled?     Kashmir

2 – Your favourite colour?     Turquoise

3 – Cat or dog?     Dog, I have a fox terrier named Gertie

4 – Hot or cold?     Cold

5 – Sweet or savoury?      Savoury, but the child in me says sweet.

6 – Dawn or Dusk?     Dusk

7 – What are you watching at the moment?     The Detectorists

8 – Countryside or city?     City

9 – Beach or woodland walk?      Woodland

10 – Favourite season?            Autumn

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