James Sparshatt

Master of emotion

James Sparshatt began his photographic career in the early nineties in Bolivia, working as a photojournalist and editor of the Bolivian Times. He was a winner of the 2008 International Exhibition at the Centre for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, USA, was shortlisted for the 2009 Sony World Photographic Awards and was a finalist in the World Photography Gala awards in 2010. His print “Soweto Strings” was auctioned at Sotheby’s in New York in November 2011.




James loves to travel. You can see this passion through his work which dramatically captures the vibrancy and emotional intensity of life. His images of the music and dance from the Latin world; the flamenco of Spain, tango from Argentina, salsa from the streets of Havana, are full of movement and emotion.



“My love of photography developed while I was working as a photojournalist in Latin America in the 1990s.  Both there, and later in Cuba, I was captivated by the energy and exuberance of the festivals and dance so inherent in Latino life.  Many of my images celebrate the rich and vibrant musical heritage of Havana, Buenos Aires and Seville.

When I look at them, I recall the rhythmic beat of the music and almost feel a trickle of sweat running down my back.

1 – Where is the most beautiful place you’ve travelled?

I’ve never been to a country that wasn’t amazingly beautiful… But perhaps Peru’s mix of high Andean mountains, exuberant rain forests, deep canyons and rugged coast would probably win if I was forced to choose.

2 – Dawn or Dusk?

As a photographer both these transitional periods, with warm light and soft shadows, are key. Perhaps the stillness and solitude of dawn, particularly on an icy Norfolk morning, is a winner!

3 – Countryside or city?

I love the outdoors and the search for dramatic landscapes to photograph… However, as I’m in Olinda at the moment surrounded by the crazy energy of the Brazilians in party mode there is certainly something to be said about city life!

4 – Beach or woodland?

Crashing surf on a beach, dawn chorus in the woods.

5 – Favourite season?

Frozen winter’s mornings on my canoe on the Bure, lush tropical forests in perpetual summer


Click here to see all of James’ work.



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