Mark Harvey

Master of detail

Mark Harvey is renowned for his carefully crafted lighting and detailed animal studies particularly in the equine world.  His trademark style lends a dramatic, almost sculpture-like stillness to his subjects.

His In Flight series captures both quiet moments of reflection as well as the Dunnock. Portrait of a bird in flight by Mark Harveydynamism of the birds aerial acrobatics.  Shot on a medium format Hasselblad camera the collection features both common garden birds including magpiesblue titsstarlingsgoldfinchesgreat titscoal titslong-tailed tits, and green finches and magnificent raptors such as the Golden Eagle and the Barn Owl.



What are you watching at the moment?

In the morning I’m watching the blazing sun rising up over the river, squinting as I navigate my kayak down stream. Although a bit cold at moment, it’s an energising way to start the day, so long as I don’t fall in.

In the evening I’m watching The Tiger Who Came To Tea at the firm request of Lilah, my two year old daughter. It’s the most brilliant adaptation of the Judith Kerr book.


Where is the most beautiful place you have travelled?

When I was studying at university (1999-2003) I had six months out in the Caribbean researching tropical reef fish behaviour. It was heaven, spending every day in the water. I was based in Holetown, Barbados but also worked in Tobago and Grenada. It was at this time, whilst in Tobago that I made the decision to become a photographer. I revisited with my family last year and had a flood of great memories, snorkelling over the reefs, holding my sons hand and showing him all the marine life. It was magical.

Cats or Dogs?

I have to say dogs. We have a very small, bouncy, black cocker spaniel called Crumpet. At the age of 12 she is as turbo charged as ever. Her obsession is tennis balls, but I think this is the same for all spaniels.

Countryside or city?

Having grown up in a small village I’m very much a countryside person. It’s muddy wellies all the way! We live close to the Norfolk Broads and are surrounded by a great variety of stunning landscapes and are only a short distance from the coast. Last weekend took us to the expansive Holkham beach for a refreshing winter walk. It’s a popular spot for both walkers and cinematographers and with good reason.

Beach walk or woodland walk?

I think beaches are great for walking and woodland is great for sitting. It’s incredible how much wildlife can be seen and heard when you settle into a woodland and give it time. It’s a multi-sensory experience like other.

Sweet or savoury?

Sweet. Any of the following in no particular order: Chocolate hobnobs, bannoffie pie (I once blew up a tin of toffee when the water ran dry on the pan. Toffee was found for months later), carrot cake, tiramisu, a good chocolate cake, Christmas cake, steamed treacle sponge and custard, most other steamed puddings and custard.

Dawn or dusk?

Dawn. I have always been a morning person and will happily wake at 5.30. It is the start of a brand new day and best summed up by The Eels song ‘The Morning’:

In the morning
When the birds are still asleep
You can feel it
No cars are on the street
It’s anybody’s day
It could go any way
Why wouldn’t you want to make…
The most of it?

In the morning
There’s nothing left to prove
If it’s your game
It’s time to make a move
Don’t look the other way
You’re gonna have your say
Why wouldn’t you want to make…
It really count?

In the morning
Yesterday is just a dream
Out the window
Take a look at all you see
Baptized by the sun
Go on and have some fun
Why wouldn’t you want to have…
The greatest day?

Favourite colour?

Green or blue or sometimes the two together. If I have to choose one let’s go turquoise.

Hot or cold?

Whilst we are in the winter, here in England I’m going to say hot. In the summer I will probably say cold.

Favourite season

I always love the next season. It’s all about the change and contrasts of seasons. If I absolutely had to choose one it would be spring and the burst of new life and fresh green growth. Hurrah, it’s nearly spring!

Click here to see all of Mark’s work.


Blue Tit in flight by Msrk Harvey

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