Printmaker Guy Allen  gazes at the skies…

Since man first looked up and contemplated the heavens, the Moon has been a source of fascination and worship. Its monthly cycle gives life a discernible rhythm, its occasional changes of colour or scale adds an element of mystery, its remoteness a sense of the unknown and unknowable.

Today in our modern light-polluted world the Moon has perhaps lost some of its lustre. Our busy lives deny us the time to reflect on our extraordinarily unknown celestial neighbour and our own place in the cosmos.

When the lockdown came Guy Allen found himself spending much of his time isolated in his rural Norfolk studio.  He was amazed by the incredibly clear spring skies and was able to observe and rediscover a wonder in the night sky.

“wherever we are in the world, we are all looking at the same Moon. It becomes this unifying force which I found quite comforting during the lockdown.”

Guy’s etchings of animals have always had a mesmerizing level of detail.  Applying this technique to the Moon was revelatory.  Using a combination of photographs and his own observations with binoculars he began gently tapping into a copper plate.  The result is a beautiful etching from which to make an edition of prints.

Printed with white ink on black paper, stretching his mastery of inking to create the succession of Lunar phases. Guy’s new Moon series depicts the 9 phases of the Moon – from the crescent of the Young Moon as it waxes to the Full Moon and wanes again.

If you would like to see the complete series or to browse the rest of Guy’s collection then please visit his work on our Shop.

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