James Sparshatt

02-NOV-2006 to 02-DEC-2006

11am – 6pm

Cuba Land of Spirit will exhibit the latest body of work by James Sparshatt. Consisting of 40 images, the exhibition explores and celebrates the richness of Cuban life. James Sparshatt’s love for the island and its people comes shining through in his photographs. Visiting his subjects frequently over several years, he has integrated into the fabric of their lives and developed an instinctive feel for what makes them tick.

His black and white images capture the essence of the country’s Latin vibe, from café society to street parties, to romantic interludes. They conjure a national energy and pride, revealing the people’s natural love for life.

The striking un-posed images will deepen your own appreciation of what it means to be alive. These images capture the Cuban people in all their rhythmic and sensual glory.

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