John Kenny

09-JUL-2010 to 01-AUG-2010


In 2006, the photographer John Kenny began a number of journeys through hundreds of the most remote communities of Sub-Saharan Africa, covering a total of 12 African countries. The images on display highlight the lives of Africa’s nomadic and semi-nomadic pastoralists. Managing to flourish in the face of adversity, these societies have adapted to the scarcity of water and pasture in their regions over hundreds of years. Now, in the 21st century, these pastoralists face many challenges such as the spread of urbanisation and droughts that have increased in both their severity and frequency, continuing to impinge on their ways of life and threaten their chances of survival. Kenny’s portraits of individuals from Ethiopian and Namibian communities were taken without flash or studio equipment, instead relying on light reflected from the ground. This simplicity in technique mirrors the way of life of these communities who face a daily struggle to hold on to their traditions in a rapidly changing world.

The exhibition is held at 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, Covent Garden.