Marc Chagall

Master of Print
Exhibition  9th – 30th June 2023

This June, Capital Culture Gallery is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting a rare collection of Marc Chagall etched lithographs and prints as part of the next instalment of the ‘Master of Print’ series.

Admirably known as a pioneer of European Modernism, the highly recognisable works of Chagall captures his unique Jewish-Russian Heritage and personal experiences. Incorporating elements of Fauvism, Cubism and Orphism, his work is a visual diary of his most beloved and joyful experiences, mirrored by his struggles with poverty, war, persecution and isolation.

In 1948, Chagall met renowned printer, Fernand Mourlot at his atelier in Paris where he realised that lithography was the prefect medium for portraying his art. It quickly became his preferred printing technique and today, no artist is as famous for colour lithography as Chagall. Working in tandem with the great atelier of Paris, Mourlot Brothers, Chagall created graphic collections that are considered one of the greatest bodies of print-making of the twentieth century, and are highly prized by collectors and museums alike.

The exhibition will showcase Chagall’s original lithographs and etchings from notable collections such as the ‘Bible Suite’, ‘Celui Qui Dit Les Choses Sans Rien Dire’, ‘Gogol’s The Dead Souls’ and ‘Les Fables De La Fontaine’ collections.

All of the 62 pieces are available for purchase.

Opening hours:
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