Golden Eagle - On the wall - Photograph by Mark Harvey

The In Flight series

Mark Harvey

We are pleased to welcome photographer Mark Harvey to our Capital Culture Gallery family of artists!

Mark is renowned for his carefully crafted lighting and detailed animal studies particularly in the equine world.  His trademark style lends a dramatic, almost sculpture-like stillness to his subjects.

His In Flight series captures both quiet moments of reflection as well as the dynamism of the birds aerial acrobatics.  Shot on a medium format Hasselblad camera the collection features both common garden birds including magpiesblue titsstarlingsgoldfinchesgreat titscoal titslong-tailed tits, and green finches and magnificent raptors such as the Golden Eagle and the Barn Owl.

“Having lived in Norfolk on and off for over 20 years now, I took the opportunity during the spring to spend more time immersed in the wild, whilst appreciating the nature that is on my doorstep. Being more closely connected with nature certainly brings a great sense of calm and the closer I looked, the more beauty I saw in these refined animals.”

For more information on Mark Harvey please click here to read his bio