Exploring New Horizons: Capital Culture Gallery at Affordable Art Fair Austin 2024

We’re so thrilled to share our memorable experience from the Affordable Art Fair in Austin 2024. This was the first time the Affordable Art Fair was held in the vibrant city of Austin and there was much to be excited, and curious about. Various friends and colleagues loudly expressed the city of Austin was craving an injection of contemporary art, and the people were ready for a big Art Fair. So, in typical Capital Culture Gallery Fashion, we went to where the action is and took with us some of our very best photography, paintings and sculptures.

Having just concluded the Affordable Art Fair in London Hampstead, a mere 24 hours before needing to leave for Austin, there was a moment where we feared we may have bit off more than we could chew. The fact that this would be our first foray into the renowned Texan art scene, and the first time the Affordable Art Fair brand was going to Austin, there were a few unknowns to navigate. However, being an Affordable Art Fair meant encountering plenty of familiar faces among the staff and organisers, which all did an incredible job to set up a beautiful fair and take care of us. It all felt vaguely familiar, and credit must go to the organisers for getting us set up, and taking care of us the entire way through.


Snaps from the Fair

Our intention was to curate a selection of artworks that delivered our identity, while also reflecting the dynamic spirit and culture of the South. From captivating paintings of flowers, to magnetic photographs of swamps and lakes, we had a wide range of landscapes up on the walls of the stand. Those coupled with stunning photographic portraits and vibrant urban panoramics, we had flavours of cowboy, latin flair, rich southern music culture and romantic stories that resonate with everyone.

^James Sparshatt talking about his Cuban Faces printed on wood, during an Art Directors Tour
^James showing Rachael Dalzell’s large flower canvas

^The Fair Stand showing Rachael Dalzell’s pieces on the wall. Her work was shown next to the collaboration NEO Aluminium faces and James Sparshatt’s Cuban Faces.
Latest Nando Kallweit sculpture ‘Rhea’ making an appearance in Austin, TX.

Barry Cawston speaking to a small group from the Art Director’s Tour about his process and style of photography.

The popular Ernesto Fernandez coca cola installations where he explores the Cuba and American migration story.


Looking ahead!

As a gallery rooted in the UK, we have primarily focused on showcasing our collections in London and Europe’s major cities. In North America, the Gallery has established itself in NYC and to a certain extent, Miami. So, exhibiting at the Affordable Art Fair Austin allowed us to broaden our USA horizons further, and encourage us to try and manage our International Fair schedules next year so we may come back and build on our time here. As a Fair it was truly buzzing and energetic, with opportunities to connect with a diverse array of galleries, artists, and art lovers from somewhere we hadn’t been before. We were incredibly proud to exhibit at the first ever Affordable Art Fair Austin, and we hope to be back next year if we can!

Stay tuned to Capital Culture Gallery for more updates on upcoming exhibitions!

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