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You probably know all about our diverse collection of artists from meeting us at art fairs or dropping in to our gallery in Norfolk. We’d now love to introduce you to our very own art guru Helen. Helen loves nothing more than a happy customer. She has a wicked eye for interiors, gives great advice and can often transform a room with a piece of art….

Hi everyone,

This year my family’s home has had to become a place of stability and comfort.

It’s funny how the relationship with our home has developed. We always loved it and appreciated it, but we never needed it to work harder than it does now.

The home office, which my husband used to dip in and out of, is now his full time space to connect to people around the world. Our children’s bedrooms, which were for sleep and occasional play, are now rooms for adventure and imagination! And our conservatory, which we never had time to enjoy, has become somewhere we can absorb the vitamin D and relax.

 It has also been a transformative period in our appreciation of art. We have discovered that the right piece of art makes us happy, evokes special memories or makes us think. The positive impact that it can have on our mood and well-being has been a revelation. More than ever we’ve realised the importance of finding things in our lives which can achieve this. 

 Without holidays, hobbies and special treats our home has become the focus of our creativity. The hallway, once simply functional, now has a piece of art that gives us thought and causes us to pause; on a cold November morning the painting on the landing of bright summer flowers raises our spirits, and the sculpture in the lounge casts a shadow that moves throughout the day and creates  new shapes for the eye to enjoy.

As Capital Culture Gallery’s interior consultant I love working with clients to find the right piece for their space. We are now offering this service remotely,  virtually placing work in homes and offices thereby allowing you to select pieces from the comfort of your own home.

Everyone deserves a little joy in their home – especially after the year we’ve all had!

All of my best,

Helen x

“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well being.”

Albert Hadley

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