Libby Bothway uses black ink on paper to depict urban landscapes inspired by travels across Europe and the UK. Her appreciation for the beauty inherent in French and Spanish architecture produces charming works  that highlight and add texture to the intricate details found in old windows, doors, and balconies. Her style celebrates imperfections and reveals a genuine love for buildings with character, especially those adorned with exposed bricks.

Libby’s technique involves meticulous detailing and intentional markings, bringing buildings to life on paper. Her work reflects not only a visual exploration of structures but also an emotional connection to the stories they tell. It has an authenticity which invites viewers into a world where the charm of architectural character takes center stage, celebrating the textures, shapes, and stories woven into the fabric of each building.

Born in Norfolk, Libby Bothway began her artistic journey at the Norwich School of Arts. In 2000, she went to Nottingham Trent University and specialised in print. In 2003, she was chosen to exhibit at the ‘New Designers Exhibition’ in London, which eventually led to her joining the renowned design studio at Woodmansterne Publications.

During her time at Woodmandsterne she worked with cartoonist Quentin Blake and writer Julia Donaldson to develop their brands and design their product ranges as well as with the V & A Museum, Andy Warhol, Roald Dahl and the National Trust.

Her illustrations are some of the top sellers in the card industry.


The Bar

Libby Bothway