AQUA Art Miami

It was our first outing at AQUA ArtMiami, and although Capital Culture has exhibited in the ‘Magic City’ before, we were still exploding with excitement to be part of something as special as Art Miami – the city’s longest-running fair attracting 5 million visitors from across the globe.

AQUA ArtMiami is one of the smaller satellite fairs during the week that runs for 5 days, which is set up in a converted motel. Situated on the busy Collins Ave of South Beach, the fair was in a great location. So although we say its one of the smaller ones, with over 12,000 visitors attending AQUA each year, its still a relatively big event and continues to grow each year. It certainly lived up to its reputation as a fun and energetic space, as every room becomes a personalised space to view art, and the courtyard becomes an area for live art, singing performances and fashion shows throughout the day.

Our converted room was really quite special and displayed 7 of our artists: James Sparshatt, Rachael Dalzell, Barry Cawston, John Kenny, Gabrielle Pool, Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain and Nando Kallweit. Streams of celebrities, art aficionados and collectors walked through our door and allowed us to describe and talk about the art on display in quite an intimate way. So much of the art had been inspired by trips to Cuba, and the Cuban culture, it seemed to fit the general vibe of Miami as there was already such a big Cuban scene all around us. That being said, those visiting AQUA were from all around the world and we were able to share our international array of artwork with much appreciation.

Getting to see Context Art Miami and Art Miami conventional halls were really great too. As a team we caught the opening night and meandered our way through the busy hallways. We got to visit stands of our fellow friends and gallerists while also getting to catch a glimpse works by Warhol, Hockney, Picasso and Chagall up for sale, too.

It was a great pleasure meeting so many new people and making lots of new friends and contacts. We hope to be back again next year!