Annett Kallweit

El Sol #12

Limited edition bronze sculpture  2018 

Edition 25 + 1AP

Dimensions  26cm x  33cm x 6 cm   (H x W x D)


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El Sol #12

The Sun has been an object of worship since the first human societies looked up to the skies and felt the heat on their faces.  Bringer of life, light and warmth, Sol – the Norse Sun Goddess, Ra – the Egyptian Sun God, Helios – the Greek, Inti – the Incan sit amongst a pantheon of world deities that mankind have used to explain this Celestial body so fundamental to our world and its survival.  Kallweit’s work seems to question whether when science vies with faith, perceived knowledge with belief, we are in danger of losing our reverence for the unknown and perhaps unknowable.

Annett Kallweit’s Sol pieces reference both the mystical and the contructivist visions of mankind.  Spheres are sliced to reveal underlying rigid straight lines of structure, perhaps alluding to the our ultimately simplistic interpretation of the forces that created and sustain the Sun.  Perhaps the more we seek to understand the less we realise we know.

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