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Barry Cawston

Blood and Water

Location:  Stockholm, Sweden
Series: Echoes


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Autumn colours as silver birch prepare to shed their leaves

Cawston’s landscapes are filled with delicate harmonious tones.  They resonate feeling and leave the viewer rapt, lost in the detail as if listening to the echoes of a half-remembered symphony.  Poetical visions of paths and glades, ancient woods reflected in flood waters, nature revealed in its almost mythological beauty.  Cawston’s images from the UK, Europe and America, convey a deeply-felt reverence for the natural world.

A larger format bespoke edition is also available on request.  This custom edition of 3 pieces is produced to a client’s specifications.  Typically this is for pieces greater than 150cm and up to 230cm on the longest side.  Please contact us for further details.

Blue Forest

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