Barry Cawston

Hotel Raj

Location:  New Delhi, India
Series: Looking East


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Hotel Raj

Cawston won the BJP Nikon Endframe Award in 2009. His prize was funding for a dream project and he chose to travel the length of the Yangtze river from the Tibetan plateau to the bustling metropolis of Shanghai. Using his 5×4 large format camera he captured a country that was undergoing massive and irreversible change.

This experience bred a fascination with the people and the process of change in the East, underlined often by ancient elements of mysticism and spirituality. Further journeys have taken him to Burma, Singapore, India and across Russia.

A larger format bespoke edition is also available on request.  This custom edition of 3 pieces is produced to a client’s specifications.  Typically this is for pieces greater than 150cm and up to 230cm on the longest side.  Please contact us for further details.

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