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Barry Cawston

36 Flats – Tenement Block Marseilles

Location:  Marseilles, France
Series: Tenements

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A moment of reflection as a cat and resident seem to make eye contact between the floors.

High-rise communal living was once seen as a great step forward for mankind.  Cawston’s Tenement series captures the individual within the collective.  By focusing on the repetitive structure it is the anomalies that become apparent and revealing.   The images straddle the boundary between abstract and documentary.  They drift from an examination of the relationship between colour and structure to reveal details of individuals’ lives.

A larger format bespoke edition is also available on request.  This custom edition of 3 pieces is produced to a client’s specifications.  Typically this is for pieces greater than 150cm and up to 230cm on the longest side.  Please contact us for further details.

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