Barry Cawston

The House of Fairy Tales

Location:  England, UK
Series: Spaces In Between


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The House of Fairy Tales

From ‘The Spaces in Between’ series

There is a Grade 1 listed building situated in Kent that holds a special Baroque Style room. In this room Cawston comes across a door which initially caught his attention for a particular reason. Not for what it was, or how it looked, but because of what it represented, as it reminded him of a particular children’s art charity and theatre group called ‘House of Fairy Tales’. Using doors and other gateways, the ‘House of Fairy Tales’ theatre group would encourage people to use their imagination to determine what was on the other side.

Cawston’s piece, intentionally named after the theatre group, is his way of echoing what they did and intends to encourage the audience to apply themselves to imagine what would be on the other side. As with much of Cawston’s work, there is always an underlining narrative, and hidden meaning to his photographs, which often adds an extra layer behind what is visibly seen.

A larger format bespoke edition is also available on request.  This custom edition of 3 pieces is produced to a client’s specifications.  Typically this is for pieces greater than 120cm and up to 230cm on the longest side.  Please contact us for further details.

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