Barry Cawston

Water Slide

Location: Avonmouth, United Kingdom
Series: Unnatural Architecture


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A factory in Avonmouth – Unnatural Architecture

Explore Cawston’s Unnatural Architecture series, where the interplay of complementary colours transforms the essence of distinctive urban originals.

Cawston skillfully manipulates blues and pinks in “Water Slide” creating a futuristic artificial ambiance that blurs the line between a photograph and a screen print. You can’t help but be drawn in by the dynamic fusion of hues, as it brings a unique and evocative touch to the original urban pieces that amplifies the decay and deterioration. The original piece is titled “Slide”, which comes from his Scenes from the Concrete Jungle series. It portrays a recognisable Blade Runneresque postmodern world factory, in a state of decay.

A larger format bespoke edition is also available on request.  This custom edition of 3 pieces is produced to a client’s specifications.  Typically this is for pieces greater than 120cm and up to 230cm on the longest side.  Please contact us for further details.

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