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Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain


Media :  Photography, both black and white and colour; plastic “Chanel” bottle; central image backlit with LED lights; housed in a metal box.

Size  76cm x 76cm x 5cm

Edition of 3 + 2APs


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Cuba 2017

Photograph of balseros – Cubans taking to makeshift rafts in an attempt to leave their homes behind and make it to the USA.   The image is backlit inside a bottle of Chanel Chance perfume – a perfect metaphor for the real or imagined opportunities that a life in a new land might offer.  It is the story of immigration across the world and across time.  Of journeys fraught with danger crossing from Cuba to the USA or the Mediterraean to Europe or the Channel to the UK.

Series:  En Dior Confiamos   2007-2019
The US dollar bill proudly states In God We Trust – in Spanish En Dios Confiamos.  This extensive body of work examines the draw of the outside world’s luxury goods, its fashions and its perfumes, such as Dior or in this case Chanel, to a Cuban population for whom these things are unobtainable – the province only of dreams.

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