Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain

Untitled #34

Cuba 2016

Sculpture in the form of a fire hydrant made from PVC tube with backlit photographs.

Size  66cm x 32cm x 32cm
Edition of 3 + 2APs



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Untitled #34

Havana, Cuba and New York, USA

Four photographs mounted in a “rusted” fire hydrant made from pvc.  The first is of fisherman on the Malecón in Havana,  the second of a man and his home made raft, the third of the degradation of buildings in Cuba and the final of his hoped for destination – New York in the USA.

Series:  All of my neighbours want to go to heaven  


Ernesto’s Todos mis vecinos quieren ir al cielo series cemented his arrival on the international art scene.  They are a comment on the drivers that have led his neighbours to risk everything in attempting to cross 90 miles of open sea to Florida.  He does not pass judgement but his work postulates many questions.  The sculptures are made from pvc pipes available to Ernesto in Havana which are cut and fitted together to resemble fire hydrants, intake valves, outlets and all manner of pipes to control flows of liquid.  Each has a tap to suggest that somebody has control over this flow of people and ideas and that they can switch it off as and when they like.  Some are coated with “rust paint” others with the red of industrial applications.  The rust may suggest that the Cuban system is outdated, in terminal decay, or container that the USA as some sort of paradise destination is nothing but a “pipe dream”.   The pipe’s outlets are fitted with transparencies behind lenses which are backlit, the images of Cuba at one end and the USA at the other suggest a journey fraught with risk.


Untitled #35

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