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Ernesto Fernandez Zalacain

Untitled #40

Cuba 2019

Sculpture in the form of a rusty pipe made from PVC tube.  Images of balseros and the Havana Malecon behind lenses and backlit with LED lightsource.

Size  20″ tall.
Edition of 3 + 2APs

Series:  Todos mis vecinos quieren ir al cielo   2012-2019
All of my neighbours want to go to heaven.   These pieces seem to be an attempt by Ernesto to convey the driving desire that has made his neighbours risk their lives on home made rafts to cross 90 miles of open sea to Florida.  Often the pictures in a single piece depict both Cuba and either Miami or New York – as though the pipe represents the journey both physical and emotional between the two.  These “rusty” pipes could be interpreted as pointing to the decay of the Cuban system, or conversely the pipe dream of the USA as some sort of paradise.  Each tube has a tap as though somebody has the power to turn the flow on and off – whether this be of information or people is unclear.


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