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James Sparshatt


Country  –   Cuba
Series     –   The rhythms of Cuba
Year        –    2004


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Dagoberto began playing his guitar in the Casa de la Trova in Holguin, Cuba, in 1944. Sixty years later in 2004 I had the pleasure to sit with him in the same bar on a day to celebrate his lifetime in music. He showed me photographs that spanned the decades. A young girl came and sat with us and tuned his guitar (the photograph Esperanza). We shared a rum as the sun set. Then as the band played Dagobero closed his eyes and began to clap along. I took the portrait slowly enough to capture the movement in his hands and the beautiful expression that seemed to reflect the joys of his lifetime in music.


James Sparshatt’s photographs of music and dance capture the emotion and intensity of people lost in the rhythm of the moment.
The work is available as silver gelatin and palladium platinum prints.
Las Memorías
A Moment with Mario

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