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James Sparshatt

El acuatico

Location          –   Viñales
Series             –   Spirit of the Revolution
Year                –    2013


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The Acuaticos live in the hills overlooking the valley of Viñales.  They believe in the healing powers of the spring waters that flow through their lands and avoid the modern world of medicine. 

The Spirit of the Revolution series documents the generation of Cubans that saw the dramatic changes of 1959 as young adults. They have a strength of character and underlying humour that transcends the struggle that has defined their lives.

James Sparshatt went to Cuba in 1999 and was so taken with the island and its people that he returned 15 times in the following 7 years. His images are largely of the music and dance and innate rhythm of the island but he also found himself drawn to an older generation that had been old enough to understand the revolution in 1959, that lived through 40 years of tumultuous and often difficult times and who now watch with some bemusement the return of the outside world in wave upon wave of tourists.

James Sparshatt’s photographs of the “Revolutionary” generation of Cubans capture their grit and indominatable spirit.

The work is available printed directly on to brushed aluminium, and on paper as silver gelatin or palladium platinum prints.
Mujer de Santiago
Te veo

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