James Sparshatt

El viejo maestro

Country  –   Argentina
Series     –   The passion of tango
Year        –    2004


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The old teacher.   When he was young tango was the Argentine dance.  Born in the back streets and brothels of Buenos Aires its staccato movements and deep rooted passion were all-consuming.  With the advent of military dictatorships, bent on conservatism and built on repression, the dance of the bordello all but disappeared – surviving in the private members clubs hidden from view.  When democracy returned the dance became a symbol of the country’s renaissance, revered as a totem of their nation by the youth and the old masters became guides to a new generation.

James Sparshatt’s photographs of music and dance capture the emotion and intensity of people lost in the rhythm of the moment.

The work is available as silver gelatin and palladium platinum prints.
Corazon y alma

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