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James Sparshatt

Rumba de Cuba

Country  –   Cuba
Series     –   The rhythms of Cuba
Year        –    2005

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The drums that provide the driving beat underpinning Cuban music were brought from Africa. Each distinct rhythm corresponded to a different God in the pantheon of Yoruba deities, allowing the enslaved Africans to maintain allegiances to the religion of their homeland while seemingly celebrating the saints that were forcibly introduced into their lives. Over time the syncretic religion of Santeria developed as the dual heritage merged into one. Afro-Cuban rumba celebrates these rhythms and Gods such as Chango, Obatala and Yemaya.

“This image was taken while we were loading the band’s instruments onto the rickety tour bus… “

James Sparshatt’s photographs of music and dance capture the emotion and intensity of people lost in the rhythm of the moment.

The work is available as silver gelatin and palladium platinum prints.
El amor
Bajo del Mar

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