James Sparshatt

Sonhos silenciosos

Location  –   Olinda, Brazil
Series     –   Rhythms of Emotion
Year        –    2023


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Sonhos silenciosas 2023

Silent dreams.  A young performer during the Night of the Silent Drums.

The Carnaval of Olinda, on the north east coast of Brazil, is a week of high energy and exuberance.  Dancers and musicians perform in Blocos that progress slowly through the streets of the beautiful colonial era town.

James Sparshatt‘s black and white portraits are a search for a connection with a world of emotions.  His photographs from the streets of Havana, the milongas of Buenos Aires, the jazz clubs of New Orleans and bars of Andalucia capture the spirit of music in populations wher it is the very lifeblood and expression of life.

His fine art photographs are available as beautiful, traditional silver gelatin prints, as delicious palladium platinum prints produced by 31 Studio – The Platinum Print Room – recognised masters of this printing art form and in a larger format on archival Hahnemuhle rag paper.  Each paper has been chosen for its outstanding quality to satisfy both discerning collectors and first time buyers looking for a beautiful image for their home.
Bluesman on Beale
Frosted reeds

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