James Sparshatt

The Southern Belle

Place  –   Clarksdale, Mississippi
Series     –   Rhythms of Emotion
Year        –    2023


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Dancers in Reds bar in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in the early hours.  The juke joint as a place to dance, rough around the edges, a place where anything goes, where the drinks are plentiful and the frills are negligible…  these places are of an era that has almost passed into history.  Reds is perhaps one of the few authentic joints left in the south.    

James Sparshatt’s black and white photographs of music and dance capture the emotion and intensity of people lost in the rhythm of the moment.

The work is available both as a baryta silver gelatin print, a delicious palladium platinum print by 31 Studio – The Platinum Print Room – recognised masters of this printing art form, and as larger archival prints.
Fuerza y poder
Watermelon Slim at Reds

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