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John Kenny

Fulani bapteme ceremony

Country  –   Benin
Culture   –   Fulani
Year        –    2009


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One bright sunny morning in northern Benin my guide and I set off on a moped across remote dirt roads in the hope of finding wandering Fulani that might take us to visit their village. After an hour travelling on bad roads in the intense heat we came across some people who told us of a baptism ceremony being held in a nearby village.

The village was a wonderfully colourful scene of celebrating Fulani. After meeting the village chief we were welcomed to the ceremony and I began to set up my equipment surrounded by an excited crowd of 50 or so villagers who encircled me as I worked on the portraits.

The stunning girl in this portrait illustrates the permanent tattoos that the Fulani consider so beautiful.

John Kenny’s work is all shot on location in some of the remotest corners of Africa. His images are all taken with natural light and his subjects in their day to day attire.

The C-type prints are mounted with an acrylic face mount giving them a 3-dimensional appearance and a contemporary look.

Fula shepherd
Tuareg warrior

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