Mark Harvey

Portrait of a Snowy Owl

Series: Raptors


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Portrait of a Snowy Owl
The signature white of this snowy owl is accentuated by a silvery grey winter sky. With the look of a hunter, its head swivels almost a full 180 degrees and the light floods into the large yellow and ink black eyes. 

Snowy Owls are the largest avian predators of the High Arctic and are one of the largest owls in the world and certainly one of the most impressive. 

They are native to the Arctic regions of both North America and Palearctic, breeding mostly on the tundra.

Mark Harvey is renowned for his carefully crafted lighting and detailed animal studies.   His style lends a dramatic, almost sculpture-like stillness to his subjects.

His Raptors series captures these magnificent birds both in the dramatic aerial acrobatics of their flight and in more quiet contemplative studies.   Harvey uses a medium format  Hasselblad camera – a camera brand developed by Victor Hasselblad in the 1960s, to optimise his own bird photography endeavours.

The medium format approach and hi-speed flash synchronisation creates images of phenomenal detail and clarity even at the largest sizes.

Limited Edition of 15
The edition numbers are fixed to 15 prints and divided across the four print sizes.  Please note the price of the artwork will increase as the prints sell out and prices are updated on a regular basis.

C-type prints
All prints are made using a matt c-type Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, which is a traditional silver halide colour paper produced using a wet printing process and triple washed for exceptional archival quality.

Certificate of Authenticity
Each print is provided with a unique, signed, numbered and embossed certificate of authenticity as proof of the art work’s provenance. 

Each unframed print will have a border added of 4 inches/10cm with 4.5 inches/12.5cm at the base to the print, to allow for a range of framing options. This is in addition to the print size shown.

Prints face mounted to acrylic will be flush to the image edge.

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