Nando Kallweit

Freida – Emilia II

Bronze sculpture
68cm x 8cm
Edition of 25


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Freida – Emilia II is an elegant figurative bronze sculpture by Nando Kallweit.

Inspired by the the legend of the phoenix, this female figure has graceful wings instead of arms.  The piece, and its dual name, alludes to the strength and rebirth that is possible when we overcome a challenging period in our lives.  Tempered by fire we have the capacity to emerge stronger and more resillent.  Modelled on modern youthful postures but with a nod to the importance of heritage through the stylised Egyptian-influenced head.

Nando produces each piece using a silicone mould he creates from wax. The Silicone marque is then used to make the cavity for a sand and clay cast for the bronze to fill. 

Freida – Emilia II is produced in an edition of 25 pieces.  Nando hammers his mark into the base as well as stamping the edition number.

Fae – Victoria II

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