Sparshatt - Dalzell

Graciela #VI – Neo Platinum

Unique piece
Palladium platinum print with neon and iridescent acrylic paint.
Signed by both artists
Stamped by 31 Studio – platinum print masters
Print floated in a black box frame with UV clarity glass
Framed size 34″ x 26.5″


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Graciela, an icon of old Havana. It was taken in 2001 on one of my first visits to the island. Rachael’s interpretations bring alive her spirit.
James Sparshatt

Photographer James Sparshatt and painter Rachael Dalzell have collaborated using their individual expertise to create an interpretation of a portrait of Graciela. The work combines a palladium platinum print with neon acrylic paint.

Palladium platinum print by James Sparshatt with acrylic paint by Rachael Dalzell.

Graciela #II – Neo Aluminium
Neo Aluminium – Graciela #I

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