Rachael Dalzell

Fall of the Evening Dusk

125 × 85 × 6 cm

Acrylic on canvas

White wooden tray frame
Signed by the artist
Certificate of Authenticity

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Along the paths of the Norfolk Broads during the winter months Rachael takes inspiration from the frost covering the trees and the stillness of the water. Looking for the colours in nature on a cold winters day Rachael can find the soft pinks and purples in the grasses and warm flickering light through the trees. The white birch in the foreground gives a wonderful texture to the painting and the flowing river draws your eye to a magical place beyond. Using a number of photographs she creates one painting. Her use of bright colour and lively technique gives a fresh and cheerful sentiment to the work.

Rachael Dalzell’s paintings are colourful and expressive.  Her free and lively use of paint through various techniques,  mean that Rachael’s work is as much about mood as it is of place.  Many of her paintings are based on the area where she lives in Norfolk. They celebrate the joy of light and colour in nature as well as the shape of the landscape. She describes her paintings as a ‘snapshot’ both visually and emotionally of a place.


Untouched Dawn
Wandering the Costal Path

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