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James Sparshatt

Soweto Strings

Country  –   South Africa
Series     –   Buskaid
Year        –    2008


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Her grandparents were subject to the pass laws…  restricted on travel between towns, unable to meet each other more than a few times each year.  She has played all over the world, for Mandela and Clinton, at the Royal Albert Hall and at the White House – her freedoms dictated by her talent as a musician and not be the colour of her skin.

The Buskaid school for strings in Diepkloopf, Soweto, is a beacon for hope in the new South Africa.  Over 100 kids from age 5 to 18 pick up violas, violins, cellos and bass to produce both Mozart and local kwelas.  The learn the value of hardwork and teamwork and find joy in making the most beautiful music.

James Sparshatt’s photographs of music and dance capture the emotion and intensity of people lost in the rhythm of the moment.

The work is available as silver gelatin and palladium platinum prints.
Tootin’ in the Cat
A new hope

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