Silent and Still
The water's tranquility
In Harmony
Line of palms
Serenity at dawn

Welcome to 2021! We hope you are well and wish you happiness. We are missing our art fairs and art loving friends greatly but have been gratified by the number of people that have contacted us to buy work to brighten their homes. In particular Rachael Dalzell’s colourful and joyous interpretations of the countryside seem to have struck a chord. So we thought we would ask Rachael to pen a few words about her love of water and its significance in her work.

“Water and how it reacts with light has long been an inspiration in my art. It evolved during my formative years painting views over the Dee Estuary and then grew during artist residencies on the dramatic Kerry coast of Ireland. Then, whilst living in London, the Thames became my muse.
Over this past year I’ve found myself repeatedly drawn to be on, or beside, water. Inspired by its purity, tranquillity and amazed by its ability to lift the spirit!
I live amidst the Norfolk Broads, below vast skies. I take gentle walks along the Bure River looking for scenes that have a natural depth of field. Flowers or reeds in the foreground, reflections in the water leading you into the distance…
This mysterious earthly element, this life-giver, imbues my world with a sense of calm and positivity which I truly hope is expressed in my work.” 
Water has been represented and stylised throughout the history of art. It is also a particularly emotive subject for photographers. Rachael has chosen a number of photographic artworks inspired by water from the Capital Culture Gallery archive. We hope they bring you calm and an opportunity for your mind to wander….

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